'Figure study II'
Oil on canvas
25cm x 30cm
© Philippa Bayliss
Sold, private collection

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Philippa Bayliss 25 August – 9 September 2012
Paintings of Irish summer cloudscapes, figure studies, and drypoints

Philippa Bayliss returns to the gallery following her successful solo show in 2010 with an exhibition of paintings and drypoint prints. From the vantage point of her garden at home in Myshall, she looks northwards across the landscape which she has painted this summer. Far from the dreamy images of Paul Henry and cohorts of Irish landscape artists, these paintings of the clouds over the low lying hills of Co. Carlow during the recent wet months show it as it is – damp, wild, and windy - yet the fields and hedgerows brim with the strength and vividness of summer colour. Philippa captures the power of nature in the cumulus clouds as they roll along, driven by Atlantic winds with their energy revealed through her fast and turbulent brushing. The reflected colours within the clouds (blues, pinks and ochres) form intricate patterns which have to be captured with speed. The end result, despite the freneticism, is one of close and comfortable association with the countryside she inhabits. Her landscape has a permanence which counters the temporal nature of the atmosphere.

Several nude figure studies included in the show remind us that Philippa’s observational skills are not reserved uniquely for the natural world. Neither, indeed, are they reserved for paint and canvas for here she also exhibits her talent as a drypoint printmaker; these magical works of the imagination offer the intimacy of small scale, and their subject matter of the animal world show her competence and skill as a rounded and experienced practitioner.

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