'Papaver rhoeas and rooves'
Oil on canvas
76cm x 101cm
© Philippa Bayliss

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‘My Garden’s Progress’

Philippa Bayliss 21st Aug-5th Sept 2010

Philippa Bayliss’s exhibition which opens on 21st August 2010 is entitled ‘My Garden’s Progress.’ Its concept is a series of garden paintings from the early days of first plantings to the garden’s development and growth towards maturity. Just as it was for Claude Monet at his garden at Giverny, so it will be for Philippa in Myshall – a journey through change and growth, through the seasons and their cyclical variations, through the diurnal variations of light from sunrise to sunset, and perhaps a distillation of her own journey through a lifetime of art. This is not flower painting, it is about the garden, both as and in landscape. From her purpose-built glass conservatory in the middle of the garden, her plants provide the foreground to the background which runs to the low running Carlow hills on the horizon. There is no boundary between the garden and the rest of the world; the garden is a bodypart of the landscape which itself is a bodypart of a wide and wonderful world so enjoyed by Philippa. These paintings are a celebration of nature where colour and energy, and strong element of pattern, are major participants. In this body of work I am reminded of the vigour of van Gogh’s Provencal imagery, the sparkle and joy of a Klimt landscape, and Monet’s knowledge of plants and their colours as part of nature’s landscape.

On Sunday 29th August at 3pm there will be a piano recital in The Norman Gallery by Ukranian pianist Anna Kiselyova who plays at the National Concert Hall on 6th August. Anna is currently working on a Master's dissertation, as part of the MMus in Performance at Dublin Institute of Technology, focusing on the aspects of interpretation of Bach`s keyboard pieces on the modern piano. Anna will play a programme of pieces by the great J.S. Bach. Tickets at €10 are available on line sales@normangallery.com or at the door. Prior bookings suggested.

Philippa Bayliss will be the leading panellist on Sunday 5th September at 3pm in a discourse with the audience on ‘Colour and plants in the garden for Artist and Gardener.’ This event is free of charge and will include a guided tour of her exhibition by Philippa followed by a guided tour of the Iris Orpen Garden at Monksgrange by Jeremy Hill.

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